Why Pinterest is the Perfect Marketing Tool

Over 433 million people use Pinterest, and 83% of these users make a purchase from content they have viewed on the platform.

Pinterest is not just for collecting pretty pictures of wedding dresses or your dream homes. It is also a fantastic marketing platform to grow your business, get leads, send more traffic to your website and make sales! With over 433 million people on Pinterest and 83% of these users making a purchase from content they have viewed on the platform, Pinterest marketing is a fantastic marketing platform if you know what you are doing (and if you don’t, we can help!).

Isn’t Pinterest just for wedding boards and travel pictures?

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can share, explore and save visual content that they find helpful, inspiring, or entertaining. Users create boards with common themes, and they can add content to their boards to keep them organized, and other users can see what you have saved related to your shared interests.

As a business owner, once you have signed up to Pinterest, you can start sharing your content and marketing your brand immediately. Engagement on Pinterest is vital, so make sure that you follow the boards of competitors and similar businesses and like, comment, repin, and share content with links to your website and blog in your Pins.

There are two types of accounts you can have on Pinterest. We recommend having a business account, as this gives you access to Pinterest Analytics and other features, including a native video player, a visual search tool, and the option to run Pinterest ads, making it the ideal platform for marketers.

Pinterest converts browsers into buyers

Unlike many social media websites, Pinterest reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. This means that Pinterest users that visit your website convert into sales or leads faster than any other social media platform. “See it, like it, buy it” frequently happens on Pinterest. It increases conversion rates and reduces sale cycles. How exciting is that? (Answer – VERY!)

Pinterest drives traffic to your website

Pinterest is an excellent tool for increasing links back to your website and driving more traffic. Research indicates that Pinterest is more effective at guiding traffic back to a website than any social media platform, even Facebook.

Pins get you more inbound links

With Pinterest, every pin includes a link, which leads back to the source of the image. Around 95% of images used on Pinterest were either pinned or repinned from the web, which could provide valuable inbound inks. Even though these links are no-follow links, any link which directs people back to your website is always helpful.

User engagement is very high

If you are a Pinterest user, you know just how addictive it can be. It is simple and easy to use, and users seem most interested in the next “big thing” and sharing their stuff with small groups of people. This is an excellent sign for businesses and retailers because your pins are more likely to be seen and possibly go viral. It might be that the main reason Pinterest sees so much high engagement is that it is so easy to digest information from Pinterest due to its visual nature. It is much easier and more fun to scan images than to scan tweets, for example.

It integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account

A critical factor for social media success is often connectivity. The site connects with Facebook and enables users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook news feed for others to see. You cannot link your Facebook with your business page. You still would have to share the link manually, but you can connect it to your profile which is better than nothing. For Twitter, if you sign up for Pinterest using the same email address for your business Twitter account, you can automatically share the pins you post to your Twitter account.

You can discover what your audience enjoys

Pinterest is a great place to discover new trends and what people are sharing. You can see what your followers like to look at and what inspires them, and it allows you to see the latest “hot” thing and use this information to position your products and offers.

At Best Practice Media, we can help!

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